Little Known Facts: Epilepsy and Fear

It’s November again, my loves. Epilepsy Awareness Month. And since my year+ seizure free ended July 2nd, this feels particularly appropriate to my current state of feeling.

I will, however, add that … having gone a year once, it feels like I might be able to do it again someday. The fear, the doom hasn’t gone away. It will likely be with me always, but there is more hope in me now than there was when I originally wrote this post.

darcil beyond abroad

As November – Epilepsy Awareness Month – comes to a close, I want to write a little more about my feelings on my lovely neurological gift.

Let’s talk about epilepsy and fear.

I mentioned fear when discussing the feeling of an aura, I believe, but it goes a little deeper than that. As an epileptic, the brain is the enemy. Now, this is true of many/most neurological disorders, but I can only describe how this feels with epilepsy, and with ME and epilepsy, so bear with me.

Obviously the brain is an enemy to the body. The body suffers the physical damage, the injuries, the strain, the daily pains. But it is perhaps an even more powerful enemy to will and desire. In other words, to itself, since will and desire are both born in the brain.

The first thing I do when I get that feeling of dread, the…

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