2016 American Elections While Abroad – My Reaction

I’ve done this before, technically. But, it wasn’t as big of a deal. Full disclosure: I worked on the Dems/Obama campaign in the Gregoire for ReElection Seattle WA Dems branch back in the 2008 election. I was here in 2012, I hadn’t changed my mind about the President, so I voted for him, again.

Second full disclosure, I’ve always liked Hillary Clinton. I thought she was pretty neat when I was a little girl. I thought she was a good speaker (I did competitive public speaking in school, and later competitive public debate in University), and liked following her when she joined the Senate. Before Obama won the Primary in 08, she was who I was rooting for (though I had absolutely no problems with the eventual President, I just thought he was young enough to go next!).

So, it was only natural for me to lean her direction in this election. I followed her career working with P. Obama’s White House. I know the scandals. I know the for and against sides. I agree with the consensus that she is not a criminal. I had (and have) no problem casting my vote.

So, obviously, I feel sad today.

But I don’t feel apocalyptic, either. Perhaps some of it is the experience of the military action taken here a few years ago, and the fact that the constitution and vote have yet to be reestablished in Thailand (they are set to do so next year, 2017). I know what people can survive. I also know how people can fight.

Once America became a country, it wasn’t all that long (as a nation vs other nations) that we had moved forward, step by – yes, very very difficult step – abolishing slavery, allowing equality in voting, in the work place, in racial marriage, in gendered marriage, and so on.

Every time a step forward is taken, people pull back. They get scared. Slavery is abolished, and Jim Crow is established. Women are given the right to vote and take up work, and a new era of 50’s traditional womanhood is made the societal norm. Free-love, and diversity take hold a grow bit, and then you get racism and a surge of neo-Nazi hate groups. Forward and back, forward and back, forward and back.

But always, always, forward.

If we fight. And we, of course fight. We stay educated. We read, and promote journalism, instead of reactionism. Construct debate, instead of divisionary rhetoric.

And, it’s very hypocritical of me, but don’t run away to Canada. Canada doesn’t need you. America needs you. (I’m such a hypocrite! But I was here already!!! I’ll totally come back if he starts building concentration camps or something completely tyrannical, I promise!)

My thoughts today would be, try and calm down for a bit. It’s not even Thursday, yet! Market changes are reactionary anytime anyone freaks about anything, it would probably happen if the numbers were flipped, too. This has been a crazy election where everyone has been encouraged to be scared of everything.

Love each other. Protect each other. Trust each other.

Until there’s a wall, nothing’s set in stone. And once there’s a wall, there’s something to break the fuck down.


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