Random Movie Review: Rogue One – A Star Wars Story

Just love this poster


It’s a Star Wars movie. There’s blasters and blaster SFX. This movie IS, as everyone keeps saying, a war movie. It is a bit of a hard core take on the usual style of blasters. The effects are more frequent, and more in-your-face.

And yet, I was not bothered in the least. It is never repetitive in any way that would bother me. There is an extended sequence during a storm, which might cause problems for people, but it didn’t bother me either. Despite all of the light and sound effects that might normally cause me problems, nothing at all bothered me. I LOVED it.


This movie, as everyone SHOULD know, falls between Episode III (Revenge of the Sith) and Episode IV (A New Hope). To be very, very general, the plot is Jyn, daughter of the main engineer of the DEATH STAR, is recruited to help the Alliance/Rebellion get to her father to take down the superweapon they’ve heard of (they don’t have a ton of information on it).



Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) as our main character. She’s pretty darn good. When it comes to main characters in the Star Wars universe (Luke, Ani, Rey), she’s a lot more layered, and grows a lot faster than any of them quicker. And does so pretty damn believably. She sells sad and determined really damn well.

Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) our official Rebel, our sorta-bad-boy. He’s not a Han, which I love. He’s not real quippy or sarcastic or anything. He has his moments, but he is serious and devoted. He’s rough, and that is Han-ish, but he really is his own character, and I respect that. Diego pulls it off. He does a lot of serious staring. Serious, sexy staring. Excuse me while I devolve into my childhood crush…

When I first fell in love, hahaha. (John Carpenter’s Vampires: Los Muertos. Yes, that’s Bon Jovi)

K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) was both funny and heartfelt. The body movement was fantastic, the vocal work was great. My only issue might be that it was a little too emotional? There were times when I thought it was too human.

Chirrut (Donnie Yen) I adored. But I’m not sure he’ll work for everyone. I’m a Donnie Yen fan. His character, a blind protector of the Jedi holy city, is reminiscent of a trope in Asian fighting films that I’m fond of. So I adored him, and he did his job perfectly. But I’m not sure people who aren’t cool with that will respond well.

Baze Malbus (Wen Jiang) is Chirrut’s buddy and backup. They’re a great duo. In real life, Wen Jiang’s accent is pretty strong and I wasn’t sure how that would play in the movie, but it is absolutely no issue at all. Forest Whitaker’s Sal Gerrera is harder to understand. Each scene made me like him more. By the end of the movie, I seriously loved Baze.

Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) is our bad guy. His acting is really interesting. He does this thing where he acts like most of the Admirals/Moffs/Whatevers from A New Hope and the other original trilogy films. It doesn’t feel like modern acting, it feels like a 70s British actor doing the part, not a modern Aussie. I love everything about it.

…I’m exhausted of this. Most everyone does well. I’d say people that flub, Jimmy Smits‘ Bail Organa wasn’t as good as I think he could have been. He felt like Jimmy Smits remembering that he was doing that old character he was doing.



Absolutely beautiful. Some great puppet work. Wonderful practical stuff. Strong 70s ‘stashes. Even better (as it should be) at connecting to the original A New Hope visuals than Force Awakens was.

(You cannot make me hate Episode VII, internet.)

It was properly dirty, when it should have been properly dirty. I appreciated that.

De-aging/CGI is not as good as Civil War and RDJ.

Interesting to Note

Diego Luna would have chemistry with a wall. He is soooo hot. Not really interesting, but true. There is a Star Wars version of the Stan Lee cameo, of course. “Stan Lee” plus.

Yeah, good timing on the war film in a religious/desert area. #Aleppo

Spoilers (scroll over for a little thing that isn’t a big deal but I didn’t know)

OMG TARKIN, I didn’t know!


It is both extremely simple and rather complicated. The first thirty minutes of the film cuts between several planets fairly quickly, and that might be hard to catch. At the very beginning I was wondering who this movie was for. *I* was loving it, but I wasn’t sure if it would work for non-fans. But once you got out of that backstory/build-up, and settled in, it was great.

I laughed, I cried, I’m seeing it again as soon as possible.


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