Paaaain – Broken Wrist

So, last night I did a fun thing. I was kneeling, messing with stuff on my headboard. When I turned around, I didnt realize how close I was to the edge, slipped off…. and landed right on my damn wrist.

First I was like, eh, just caught myself. Hurts. But it’ll get better… then it bubbled up and really started hurting.

On the thumb side. Hard to see.

Had to go to the hospital. X-rays. All of that.

They were rolling me around, and I’m like, uh, my legs are fine…

Turns out my radius and ulna were/are fractured. Awesome. I’m in a soft cast.

Typing with one hand sucks.

I normally sleep on my right side. I only slept 4 hours. I’ve never broken anything before. It’s weird. It hurts, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt so bad. I don’t know. Whatever. Boohoo.

This sucks.




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