Broken Wrist: The Re-Breakening; RIP Carrie and Debbie. (Also, Happy 2017, I guess)

(Sorry for any mistakes. Hand has more problems than before.)

Went in December 30th to get checked out. Told doctor I had blisters from the cast. Doctor said I could cut pieces of the cast around mu thumb off, but not too much. I was like… even if I have scissors that can do that, how do I know how much to cut?

He says the cast people could also do it. I thought that was a better option. Little did I know his offer had been a warning.

I go to the guy. He bends back my injured arm all different ways. He cuts at this tiny piece around my thumb with a saw, he stabs me with scissors, he kicks me out.


It hurts. Quite a bit. A few hours later I start losing feeling in my thumb. It spreads to my middle finger. My palm.

I go to the ER.

New X-rays are done. Arm wasn’t actually broken again, but hurt, and likely he twisted it inside the cast to pinch nerves/veins causing sensation loss (and my knuckles and thumb were starting to change colors, which was odd). ER doctor decided to cut off the cast and replace it with a soft cast for the rest of the term.

Same guy on staff.


He asks my friend and ride what he should be doing instead of reading doctor’s instructions first, then scoffs at them and tells me I’m not having any problems. When he finally does the work, he cuts my arm with the saw.

Children have casts removed by that man. I shudder at the thought. If I have to go back into a hard cast, I’m  getting it removed at a different hospital.

Since I’ve had such problems typing, I couldn’t send out my sorrows here for the loss of Carrie Fisher, a personal hero.

Not only mine, obviously. 

And Debbie Reynolds, a woman whose films I’ve always adored and today use in class.

Culture class

My sorrows for the sorrows of the ones who loved you best. May you both rest together, in peace.



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