Random Movie Review: Logan (and Epilepsy)

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Let’s jump right off, this is a good movie. Go watch it.


Usually in this part, I tell you whether or not the movie had any seizure triggers. Today, I’m going to do something different. This might be slightly spoilerish. Okay, Here in the future, Charles Xavier, as he’s aged, has suffered from … well, age. They don’t really go a whole lot into what the problem is, but the outcome of his problem is that he has seizures. And for the world’s greatest telepath (in the Fox X-Men film universe, at least) to have seizures, it is a big thing. The visual of his seizures are distorting and caused me to tense up watching. When he goes into seizures, his not being full movement but rather tensing up, so do all of those around him for quite a large area. People can’t move. People can’t think, they can’t breathe. It is a fierce thing to watch, and as an epileptic watching it, it was a fascinating thing to watch.

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I have said many times, though I’ll say again, I have grand mals, and myoclonic jerks. The opposite, essentially, of Charles, but from a mental POV, though my body is out of control, my mind often feels frozen. Screaming, but unable to do anything I need it to do. Feeling lost, confused. Trapped. All of it was a perfect representation for the stress and doom I often feel before a seizure, or when I have preseizure symptoms, even if they don’t lead to a full grand mal.

I loved this movie for many, many nerdy reasons. But I really loved it for my personal epilepsy reasons, too.


LOGAN is the story of Wolverine/Logan set in the future. It is extremely loosely based on the general idea of OLD MAN LOGAN, an older comic that features Logan as the protagonist of a story in a post-apocalyptic Marvel future.

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Hulk was a bad guy. Couldn’t do that.

During the recent Secret Wars event in 2015/2016 the character of Old Man Logan was revived, and he’s been running around Marvel proper for awhile, which is exciting. He’s a cool character.

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One of the new issues

He is an older Logan. Not a happy one. Who is, generally, one of the last mutants, and you know that it isn’t a good, happy reason that so many mutants are gone. That part of the story holds up in this film.

Logan is hanging out with Calaban, who is helping him deal with a mentally disabled Charles, who they are trying to keep under mental control through anti-seizure medication and distance, so he won’t hurt people.

Unfortunately a woman brings a young girl to Logan and begs him to take her north, because she is being chased by men who want to take and hurt her. The girl is a mutant like him. We quickly learn that she is Laura, X-23. Her mutations are based on Logan’s, healing with the addition of the adamantium.

And so we have a road trip, plus a chase. It is sweet as hell, and violent as all fuck.


Extremely paired down for a CBM. There is some stuff with young Logan. It falls between the Great of Young Robert Downy Jr and the less great reborn Tarkin. Probably because they’re making the same character and they HAVE Hugh Jackman. There’s some slide on Laura’s fighting that feels unnatural, but then it SHOULD feel unnatural. She’s a kid kicking more ass than ANYONE human could. Kudos to her stunt team.

Also, the film is just shot extremely well. It’s beautiful. I’m from Texas, and much of the first part is set in that area. And it FEELS like Texas. Made me a little homesick, honestly.


Top notch. I’m on tablet now, so pulling links is odd, but the girl who played Laura absolutely KILLED it (no pun intended, but happy I did it). It’s Hugh Jackman’s best work in the franchise, possibly because he liked the script more?

Everyone rocked. Even the smaller parts… I’m leaving it there.


This movie is violent as shit. It makes Deadpool look like weak shit. But it is beautiful. And it has heart. It is the X-Men movie I’ve wanted since X2, maybe even X1. And it’s the level of writing I’ve wanted someone to give Hugh Jackman since they made him work through Wolverine Origins.

Now, Fox. If you can do this, and you can do Deadpool, you CAN do SOMETHING from Fantastic 4 right. Do BOOKS OF DOOM. Fucking DO IT.


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