Jumping the Gun on a Seizure-Free Year

So, last year I got a tattoo when I hit my first ever FULL YEAR without a seizure.

during work

Proceeded to screw up with ointment and leech the purple ink, but still looks awesome.

I was doing pretty darn well until July 2nd, 2016, when I lost my record to a small seizure at home. Broke my heart more than a bit, not only from screwing the record, but also screwing up my birthday. But, I decided it was nothing but a reset.

Well, I jumped the gun, uh, :cough: a few  months and went ahead and got my 2017 tattoo, assuming I’m going to make July. Because I was impatient, mainly, haha. So I did this last month.

better robins

I think I did it early because, well, impatience, sure. But also the last couple of months of 2016 and first couple of 2017 were rough, and my arm finally stopped hurting from breaking it. So I thought, screw it. I’ll be optimistic instead of depressed for once. And give myself a little treat on top of it.

Granted, the placement leads to Tim getting mistreated quite often, hahaha.

robins poor tim
Tweet! HELP!! Tweet! Tweet!

Yes, they’re named. Because they’re Robins. Batman’s Robins! Well, technically three robins and a fairy wren, since nature doesn’t make a Nightwing colored robin (and I prefer the traditional blue Nightwing to the New 52 red and black Nightwing). Not a huge surprise if you’re familiar with my love of the Robins, but it is a stealty sort of nerdy tattoo that isn’t going to tweak many people’s memories. I’m not sure anyone would know if I didn’t tell them, haha.

tim phone
Poor Tim gets no respect on my phone, either.

Anyway. I probably should have waited until July, but after almost six months of what has been fairly severe depression, I’m finally pulling through. I’m going to be stupidly optimistic and say I’m not wrong to do it early.

I’m going to rock this year.

(Thanks again to Mee at Golden Needle Tattoo for his wonderful work.)




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